Friday, 26 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Love and kisses,
(give in to me resistance is futile)

(Art courtesy of kankitsuru)

Sunday, 21 December 2014


(See, Google, you did very nearly kill my blog with your unwanted changes. It's such a pain to use, I almost never do.)

So, uh, haven't posted in a while. A few things going on.

The "lesbian student council secret police" game Black Closet is now in alpha-testing. Because of all the randomly-generated mysteries, it's a pretty complex game to test. The art is still in progress, but even when the art finishes, this will probably be held in testing for a while to try and stomp out as many bugs as possible. If you want to join in (and get the game for a discount) visit the Hanako Games forums.

The other game I'm working on, codename Fantasy Gamebook Adventure. It is a GxB game, and the first game I'm labeling as a 'Hanabira' product, which means that I personally did not write the plot.... because this is a licensed adaptation of an actual gamebook from the 1980s. We're keeping the title under wraps for the moment, but if you really, really want to find out, there is a clue hidden somewhere on this website.

What is that website, you ask? Why, it's the launchpad for a time-traveling superheroine, of course! (Not written by me, written by a friend of mine.) There are no current plans to make a Paradox Girl dating sim (in which you would, naturally, date yourself) but, um, you never know. Really, there are no plans for anything like that, it's just that I think it would be funny.

You can probably guess I've been too busy to make much progress on the procrastination front. However, I did get a chance to play through fault: milestone one now that the English version is finally out.

And speaking of Steam, the winter sale is on, so you can currently claim discounts on any of our titles:

Of course, that's not the ONLY way to get a discount this season... there will be more details announced soon on our newsletter/twitter, so stay tuned.

... phew! The benefit of not blogging here often anymore is that I have more to say when I finally do?

Monday, 3 November 2014


I have had The Way We All Go sitting in my tabs for 'i should look at that later' since... probably since it was released, and still haven't gotten around to it.

Sunrider, or one version of it anyway, at least got as far as being downloaded and installed, before being set aside for 'when I have some time'. By now that download's probably completely outdated.

And that's only the start of my VN-related backlog... I'm even carrying around box copies of ero-games with me, and haven't played them. I finally completed the first Danganronpa in normal plot mode but haven't been able to gear myself up to play the bonus mode and I haven't unshrinkwrapped the sequel.

And I still don't have time. Uh... Maybe next month?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Trick or Treat

For Steam users, Magical Diary is on Halloween sale! Dress up as a witch and kiss demons (is that a trick or a treat?)

For non-Steam users, we're running a Halloween free game giveaway - you're almost out of time to enter, so hurry up!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

more cards?

I think they're breeding, I found more on my desk.

Gallery Gerard - more art, in a wide-eyed romantic fantasy painting way

Thomas Kuebler - a sculptor of weird horror/realistic things

Faerie Preservation Society - critters and toys

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Emptying out my card holder

Just going to pile up and list some of the business cards and sites I've been picking up while doing the convention circuit this year!

Pippenwycks - leather things with eyes and teeth. (Bags, books, dice cups, keychains, whatever.)

KMKdesigns - steampunk/goth/lolita fashion, will do large sizes and custom designs

Alienphant - fashion/accessories with spikes and tentacles. the sweet lolita tentacle print is too cute!

Stylin Online - For the days when you need to feel like a superhero in your bathrobe

alicechan - artist

The League of Proper Villains - Honestly I couldn't tell what these guys were on about. Steampunk. Something. But they insisted I take a card or face dire consequences.

Dr Brassy - Steampunk jewelry that involves eyes. (I have a thing for eyes.)

cryptostore - Art and tights? socks? in interesting patterns but very limited sizes.

Back to Earth Creations - jewelrystuff

Rebecca Yanovskaya - artist of unusual style

Kelly Loftus - many and varied plush octopi

Plus some cards for porny things you probably don't need to hear about, although some of you might be interested in the link to the yaoi comic that I swear I don't even remember visiting the booth of...

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hella Yuri

For the fun of it, I'm building a curation list of games on Steam with lesbian content.

If you know of any I've missed or want to correct any of my information there please leave me a note!