Friday, 29 June 2007


Congratulations, you've found another web journal about video games.

First things first - I make no pretense of being an impartial journalist. I have my own tastes. My tastes are often weird. Stupid little things will annoy me. Stupid little things will please me to bits. I will bitch, whine, moan, and giggle as I please. Sometimes it will be ridiculously silly. And I hate FPSes so if you came here looking for discussion of Halo, Doom, and the like, shove off. They're not even worth whining about them.

I am capricious and fickle and mercenary and yes, when I link to things, sometimes I will be linking to things with affiliate codes so that I benefit from the experience. There's even a chance that someone might pay me to post about their game (hah! unlikely!) and if they do I will post - but I don't promise to be NICE about it!

What I post is simply my opinion. And my opinion can be pretty damn whiny.

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