Saturday, 22 September 2007

hang that on your peggle

Okay, so, after complaining about it, I finally pulled off the trick required to win the 750,000 challenge (I knew how, it just took a lot of tries to do it) and then while I was complaining that the versus-computer challenges were impossible, someone over my shoulder got very lucky and beat the second-hardest duel by a mere 700 points.

So. Only one trophy to go. It still doesn't seem likely.


ron2nd said...

My wife has cleard the Master level of 15 levels. It said at the end there was a mastery level that was hidden and could be played since winning the master levels. I cannot find it do you know where it is. thanks for any info on this

Whiner said...

afaik, there's the extreme grandmaster which requires you to get 100% clear on all levels... I don't know about any hidden levels though.

ron2nd said...

Ok we have cleared all the levels how do we play the extreme grandmaster levels?

John said...

I have just achieved Extreme Grand Master status.

Now get off your knees.

You click on adventure at the top right of the screen.

One tip, if you clear ALL the orange pegs before the blue, click madly on the button at the bottom left of the screen and restart the level.

You do not need to go back to the beginning.

cappie's mom said...

I've achieved all levels and am working on Extreme Grand Master. Since there are 55 different screens, is there a way to keep track of which ones you have totally cleared??