Tuesday, 1 April 2008

arranging the cups and balls

Sometimes one wonders if GameSpot intentionally harangues certain low-budget games just so that they can have a reputation for being harsh when it counts in order to counter certain accusations of reviewer payola on the big titles.

Take SunAge, for starters. The score seems deserved, if it's really as totally buggy as the review claims. I wouldn't know, I'm really not into RTSes. It's the details I'm wondering about.

The reviewer keeps harping on how out-of-date the entire game design / visual style is, in a childishly snarky way that sounds like the author really wants to be writing for SomethingAwful's ROM Pit. And insists that the comic book art in the cutscenes is the "worst comic art this side of early '90s Marvel" without saying a thing to explain what's actually wrong with it (failing to match the story? All characters look alike? Grossly distorted anatomy? Important details lost in murk?), and with only one screenshot that appears to have perfectly adequate art.

To which all I can say is - The game sucks, but so do you.

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