Tuesday, 16 December 2008

someone else's disaster

From looking at the trailer for Delgo the movie bomb, I suspect they should have just cycled it all into a videogame instead. Can't tell if the movie writing is all completely uninspired, but the trailer certainly isn't very interesting, nor are the fairy-graphics all that convincing.

As an adventure game, though, it probably would have been salvageable.

Oh well, it's *still* probably better than the awful Dragonlance animation.


The Rampant Coyote said...

You know - we just watched Dragonlance a few weeks ago. And I gotta admit, it sure wasn't GOOD. But I guess I was expecting much worse. So what do you call it when you expect it to be horrible and you find it merely sucks?

But the CGI in that movie was atrocious. Reminded me of some of the "Barbie" movies we got for our daughters when they were younger.

Whiner said...

I thought the Dragonlance animation did okay (lame but passable) until it got to the point where they returned to Solace (iirc, at some point it was planned to stop the movie there) and most stuff after that was a disaster...

As best as I can remember, anyway. I don't intend to watch it again to check my memory. :)