Tuesday, 29 September 2009


(content warning)

There's been a big mess in the past year about hentai and censorship. And I still fall on the "censorship is bad" side of things.

However, you do have to worry about people when... well.

There's this Japan-only game for the Xbox 360. (Non-porn, I assume. Console games generally are.) You try to pick up girls working at hostess clubs. This involves drinking a lot of alcohol with them and watching them dance. Apparently one of the characters, in-game, already has a boyfriend. So when you've gone through all the steps to reach her 'good ending', she says you're a great friend, and goes off to get married. Not to you.

Many people on Teh Internets talking about this subject applaud the realism of a girl who's seriously Not That Into You. Not every girl is just waiting to swoon into your arms.

However, a few fans are seriously pissed. I've seen more than one person (well, maybe - it could be the same loon popping up in multiple places) demanding that someone create downloadable content for this game to add an option to rape the girl who dares refuse you.

...Yeah. Not a request to make her winnable, a request to 'punish' a virtual girl for daring to turn down the player's advances.



Ren said...

I found a funnier comment:

*Get dumped*

*Go home playing Dream C Club*

*Get dumped again*

*Hang myself*

Admittedly, I don't understand that kind of mentality either, but that's possibly because I am the kind of person who read "Pride and prejudice" something like 80 times.

I expect you to ask me WTH is wrong with me, as well, don't worry. :P

Whiner said...

What, just because you wasted the time you could have spent reading 80 different books? :)

(hoards her stack brought back from the used bookstore yesterday)