Tuesday, 22 November 2011

holiday madness

So, along with the 50% off on Magical Diary you can get this week, there are a number of crazy deals on Amazon in honor of thanksgiving/black friday.

(These links are US-only! Sorry. I'm not there *either* at the moment, although I did bring some gingerbread mix back to the UK with me to make later this week.)

For example, you can get Fatal Hearts for only $2 this week!

And if you're feeling particularly daring, you might click on the link by my name and find out that my *other* games on Amazon are *also* available for ridiculously low prices this week only. (Minor caveat, however - these tend to be *older* versions of games, and I can't upgrade Amazon purchases the way I can purchases from my own site. If you buy these super discounted copies, you will miss out on all the bonus content added later. On the other hand, cheeeeeeep.)

Matches and Matrimony, the Jane Austen dating sim, is also only $2 this week.

You can alsoget the downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 for only $5... if you haven't played it, actually care and/or don't hate shooters, can download 10GB (or more if your download repeatedly fails) without crying, and don't despise the evil soul-sucking origin technology needed to play the download. I got it as a free bonus and I was still resentful.

.... and argh, I need to worry about buying holiday presents for people, now, don't I? Sigh.

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