Sunday, 19 February 2012

on development speed

One of my current projects, I first had the idea for three years ago.

I started fooling around with artistic concepts for it to see if it was feasible to develop it one year ago.

I began looking at the RenPy code to implement the above concepts five months ago.

How much of this game is actually written by this point? About 7000 words.

On the other hand, LLTQ's entire development cycle could have been less than three months if not for other people slowing things down slightly - art isn't done overnight and Spiky got quite sick.

And to be fair, the above project which still hasn't been named publicly has only ever been in what I would call 'active' development for a few weeks total in all that time, as other priorities and trouble with art pipelines have tended to leave it in limbo. It was pretty much cancelled for a while there.

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