Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kara No Shojo

Two girls with the same name. No voice acting. See, if there were side images, this would be easier! :)


Chaos_Alfa said...

There's a voice patch floating online if you want to add voices.

Kathryn said...

That's why I got the voice patch. Poor MG got screwed when they were unable to license the voices for that game, and so did the players.

Still a great game but DAMN. (Side images are always helpful, though, at any time IMO)

Whiner said...

I know there's a voice patch, but I'm a little hesitant to apply it because it's largely distributed by, well, pirates.

I've also heard that it can create problems if you try to load any saves made before patching it.

What I'm probably going to do is finish my first runthrough without the voices and without any hints, which will probably lead to a horrible ending. THEN look into putting the voices in and getting a walkthrough.