Saturday, 29 September 2012

oh god not this interface again

i'm going to have to look for modification addons because the new blogger is so ugly, aren't I?

anyway, did anyone ever make a proper female version of Leisure Suit Larry? No, I don't mean Passionate Patti.

I mean a game where you're a Plain Jane and kind of a loser, but you're plucky and determined and SURE that SOMEWHERE there is a hot guy who will really appreciate you, and you'll go to any lengths to find him. Every guy you meet throws obstacles in your path, so you're going on increasingly improbable escapades to get their attention and get shot down again, and by the end of the story you have become an unlikely heroine (and of course, accidentally landed pretty much in the lap of Mr Right.)

... I have this mental image of the poor bedraggled heroine crawling through ventilation shafts, smeared with dirt, wrench in teeth, trying to reach and disarm the bomb that her LAST failed date (who turned out to be an EVIL SPY) told her about before tying her up (she escaped, obviously), and this leading her to collapse at the feet of the sexy secret agent boyfriend option...

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