Friday, 9 November 2012

crowns have teeth you know

Now that the script is mostly (although not completely) in the can I'm taking time to poke around at interface bits, like the title screen and the CG gallery.

This art is still not final yet, I have a long time to go before this game is complete artwise...

There's a slight delay in the music because of where exactly it switches from splashscreen to official menu screen, and that particular track having a little bit of padding at the start, necessary for other uses in the game. I don't currently see any way to adjust the music more precisely than by simply listing a file for config.main_menu_music. Right now the delay sort of goes with the banner's appearance, so I'm not sure it's a terrible thing.

Should probably start poking at the jukebox after this. I personally don't like them but some people tend to want the option.


Xiang Xiang said...

I do agree that the delay in the opening music works with the appearance of the banner! In fact, I wouldn't have thought it wasn't deliberate until you pointed it out!

The thing that I'm having more of a problem with is how loud and jarring the metallic sound at the beginning is. It sounds way louder to me compared to the opening BGM. It might be a good idea to soften that sound a little.

AlexC said...

The teeth amuse me.