Thursday, 6 December 2012

not trying to strike a match here

So I spotted someone on the web describing one of my games as the "WORST DATING SIM EVER." This caught my interest - is this someone who actually plays these games? Why is this game the 'worst ever'? Worst GAME ever I don't usually bother following up with because that tends to mean someone who is totally disinterested in either the graphical or gameplay style, but why worst dating sim? What is it being compared to?

... Of course, I had an inkling of what the actual answer probably was, and was not surprised when he answered and proved me right.

"Because you have to play a girl."

Definitely THE worst ever, huh?

(Note - Obviously I do not demand that people who are not into this stuff suddenly force themselves to play and pretend to like it, what fun would that be? Just... Think of the assumptions packed in there.)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to toss in my 2 cents, I LOVE your games. :)

Blane said...

Is that... REALLY the ONLY reason they listed?

If it is, that's kinda petty, isn't it? I could understand if they thought your story was bad, or even the art, but playing as a girl?

If playing as the opposite gender made for the opposite gender makes a game bad, then every translated dating sim where you play as a male is bad. Because I am a girl and I have to play as a boy. So clearly this is logical for me to say, correct?

I just... why?

Whiner said...

Well, don't you see, games should be for guys. Why would anyone make a game where you play as a girl? That's bizarre! :)

(I have seen comments on forums where people were utterly baffled at the concept of a game in which you could date guys. Because why would anyone play that?)

I don't have a problem with people not wanting to play the game because you have to play as a girl, that's really up to them. It's the apparent failure to recognise that other players exist that gets me.