Monday, 23 June 2014

Digging in the Bargain Bucket

I don't really do Steam sales if I can help it (being a rabid anti-DRM freak). On the other hand, I'm part of the system, and I manage to obtain small amounts of Steam Wallet funds from the trading cards that materialise on my doorstep without my having to pay for them, so I may as well send those funds back to other game authors, right?

So this leads to the confusion of trying to figure out what to do with it.

I won't buy anything that costs more than $2. I don't have very much free money, after all.

I won't buy anything that I could get on, because if I could get it there I'd far rather get it there. (I've already bought a handful of random gog games this summer sale...)

I won't buy anything that there is zero chance of me playing. Ugly 3D games are a no.

I prefer not to buy from a featured/flash sale because those are not the games that need my stray quarter. :)

I do read reviews - if it's broken or there's some other reason that it's a bad idea, I'm not going to do it.

This doesn't leave a whole lot. Right now I'm eyeing an adventure game that has 'meh' reviews and a little exploration platformer.

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Phronemophobia said...

Outside of expanding my collection of games prior to digital downloads (I prefer game cartridges), I guess I'm not showing much support for the anti-DRM group. My apologies. :(

As for preferences, I'm not quite as strict. I'll play just about anything created professionally. Wait, is that word spelled correctly? I hate words with more than one pair of the same letter side-by-side. I have to stare at it to make sure there's no mistake. I've probably made at least one mistake in this comment. Ahem, I work for minimum wage, so I primarily stick to Humble Bundles, though I get recommendations from co-workers about this and that throughout the year, and if I actually remember the names they suggested, because remembering names is relatively difficult for me, then I'll wait until Steam has one of those Black Friday sales, or whatever they call it, during November. That sale is in November, isn't it? I guess I can check my account if my mind won't allow me to drop the matter. I know I bought three during the last sale, so I bet there's a receipt somewhere. Other than that, I like to buy used games that get lumped together with garbage for no other reason than because of their age. I rescued a Dragon Quest from a Gamestop that had the nerve to put it with a bunch of shovelware that replaces the letter "s" with "z".

I think I had a comment directly related to your post, but my thought process is all wonky. I can't remember what it was suppose to be. Did I already type what I wanted to respond with? Anyhow, good luck on your hunt, if you haven't already found something by now. Also, I love all the pink on your blog. It's not red, but it still makes me feel warm when I see it. I hate colors that make me feel cold, primarily blue. I hate blue. I like Blastoise. I hate blue.

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I am an idiot. Ignore everything I type.