Saturday, 21 February 2015

Black Closet trailer

(If that doesn't embed properly for you, you can also click through here to see it.)

Coming soon!

Also - we're giving away a free copy of Sword Daughter. See here for information!


Ren said...

Does the text during events always appear in the middle of the screen like in

It seems to get in the way of the artwork a bit - any chance of it being moved downwards?

Whiner said...

It does, but the amount of 'narration' text like that is VERY low.

The vast majority of text is in a box on one side while the speaker's sprite stands on the other, as in

All CGs have a textless pause to make sure the players have a chance to see them properly first - if they end up having text on them at all, which several don't.

Wayne Mountan said...
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