Sunday, 1 July 2007

also known as

Why do people feel the need to rename games in different territories, other than just to confuse anyone trying to have a conversation about them online?

In America, it's Kirby Canvas Curse - in Europe it's Kirby's Power Paintbrush. Both perfectly good titles, both have something to do with painting, neither one resembles the original Japanese title of Touch Kirby - so WHY are there two different titles?

In America, it's Fatal Frame which is a good title since it's about fighting with a camera (frame, get it?) and the phrase 'fatal frame' is even used in the game itself as part of the fighting mechanic. Also, it's a nice searchable phrase that is almost always going to mean this game. What did they call it in Europe? Project Zero, which doesn't mean anything at all, since that sounds like the title of some sort of science-fiction experiment, which this isn't. Okay, this happened because someone tried to translate the Japanese title while failing to understand that the whole point of the Japanese title was the way that Japanese words can have extra meanings...

In America, it's Indigo Prophecy - elsewhere it's Fahrenheit. In this case the title change probably makes sense - for one thing the 'Indigo' phenomenon actually does come up in the game, for another websearching for 'Fahrenheit' is obviously going to get you a bunch of unrelated hits and not do your web marketing any good. Why was it called that in the first place?

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