Sunday, 1 July 2007

why have a job when you can play one instead?

I do not understand the so-called time management games. They are incredibly popular. They are incredibly pointless.

Basically, they are games in which you portray a lovely young lady who has a New Job! A new boring job that involves taking care of lots of demanding customers, who will stalk off in a huff and leave you penniless if not constantly satisfied! So if, say, you're playing Lisa The Librarian, then people will walk in and wait for you to click on them to find out what book they want, then click on a shelf to find it, then click on them again to give them the book, while occasionally clicking on children to prevent them from knocking over the bookshelves.

This is not fun. Although it's probably slightly more fun than actually having a job.

This is not really a game either. There's not a lot of skill there - you just click in the right place at the right time. You can't click in a really clever way and do a pirouette while carrying your stack of books. You just fetch and carry, rinse and repeat. (Hrm, I wonder if there's a hairdresser game yet? Yes. Yes there is.)

I've played through one of these games all the way to the end in the hopes that at least the storyline might reward me for all my effort, but no. Just about half a second of 'Oh gee, this job has really made me feel happy about myself!' as a reward for winning. And it was absolutely never difficult. There were no decisions to make. There was no struggle to remember who wanted what. Just click here, get this, take it there.

So WHY are these games so popular?

Anyway, if you want to pretend that you have a job baking cakes, changing diapers, flipping burgers, or mixing smoothies, go ahead. I'd rather play a game.

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