Friday, 24 August 2007

bioshock - no sale

You may have noticed I'm a little slow about my games. I'm often playing things that are months or years old. I don't tend to jump at the latest and greatest. I do keep up with what's new, though, I just don't have time and money to get it when it's first released. I like to wait and see the initial reaction before I invest.

So, I wasn't going to buy Bioshock the instant it was released anyway. But I pity the people that did. Looking over their news page we see:

1. Just because you bought that game doesn't mean you can play it whenever you want, you have to have your installation activated online, and you're only allowed a few of them. The numbers have gone up by now, which is nice, but apparently when you first bought it you were told you could install it twice and that's it.

2. The activation servers crashed, preventing anyone from completing their installs.

3. The support phone numbers in the manual were printed wrong.

... so, you rushed out and eagerly bought this new game and then discovered that it wouldn't install (activation server down) and because of this failure worried that it might NEVER install (limited number of installs, and I'm sure someone thought that the install failure counted whether it did or not) and when you tried to call support for help THE PHONE NUMBER WAS WRONG!!!


What sort of moron thought this was a great way to go about managing a game launch?

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