Monday, 6 August 2007

Heroes and Villains

So, this was a free reactivation weekend for past CoH players. Not that they bothered to tell me (if there was an email, I missed it - or maybe I unsubscribed sometime) but I heard through a friend - a while after it had started. It's a bit of a pain trying to obtain several gig of game only to be able to log in for a few hours, though.

The game is still there, still fun, still not that much different from what it was. There are wings now, but my characters are only 12-month rated, not 18, so I don't get them. The crafting is new but I didn't have time to do more than the tutorial for it. My ninja squad serves loyally, but my lame guild/clan/base/group whatever they're called has gone defunct while I've been away. Not a surprise. I didn't join them because they were well organised or any good at the game (from what I could tell they were pretty lame) but just because they were the first group with a cool ninja name that ASKED me. I just wanted the title. :)

Yes, my highest level character is a lvl30 Ninja Mastermind. despite playing CoH for quite a while before CoV. I don't think any of my heroes are anywhere near that level, maybe not even any over 20. I'm not much for grinding. Or for grouping. I prefer playing solo and not having to deal with stupid people. Masterminds can do this and not be lonely. :)

However, the game does seem to have bloated a bit while I was away. Maybe it's the latest patch, but it's lagging my machine a lot harder than it used to when I played regularly. Not a huge deal for a solo Mastermind - my ninjas can carry on with me lagged out for a few seconds. Still, I'm too busy at the moment to renew my subscription. Maybe sometime...

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