Tuesday, 22 January 2008

an email I got

quoting directly from email:

GarageGames is building an exciting new gaming site: InstantAction. You'll be able to play high end, multiplayer, 3D games directly from your web browser. The site will be launching in beta soon, but early access is being provided to the GarageGames community.

Sign up today at www.InstantAction.com and register for the beta so you can:
  • Reserve your GamerName.

  • Earn 500 ActionTokens just for registering. Tokens can be redeemed at launch to unlock games, new levels and more.

  • Get a chance to play in the private beta, which includes new versions of Marble Blast and Think Tanks.
Join in and become part of a new way to play 3D action games online with your friends!

... I think you know about how interested *I* am in playing 3d action games online with my friends.

Hate 3d. (Generally.)
Hate multiplayer. (Generally.)
Hate browser-based games. (Unless they're very small, because I don't want to wait to download them every time I play them.)

But, going along with the just because I think something's crap doesn't mean you will, I'm sure SOMEONE wants to play this stuff.


Curt Hopkins said...

Hey Whiner: Thanks for posting this. But I'd be interested what you thought after giving it a go. I mean, if you already probably won't like it, no loss. But if you thought you wouldn't, but wound up actually liking it, well, yay for us, and yay for you. So, please do sign up for the beta. http://www.instantaction.com and let me know what you think.

Whiner said...

I may look, but as warned, I really don't think it's aimed at me. All the press is talking about trying to bring in the feeling of console games... well, I don't have a mainstream console for a *reason*. I don't like those games. :) Bring me 2d! Bring me games with story! Keep your 3d action, I dun want it.

Curt Hopkins said...

OK. Fair enough. But we've also got Cyclomite from Alex at Wideload, Screwjumper, MarbleBlast, etc. So, hopefully everyone will find something to cradle tenderly and coo over.