Wednesday, 16 January 2008

phantom hourglass

grrr... unfortunately, even with a walkthrough the final battle is currently impossible. first, it takes about eighty tries to even get the hourglass drawing to activate. second, once I've done it once, I absolutely CANNOT trigger a second glowy golden orb. the walkthrough says hit him until he jumps to the side, then hit him again. but when he jumps to the side, he immediately HITS ME, doing damage and making it take quite a while before I can hit him again. which means no glowy thing.

edit: although having just seen this video of using the silly spin attack on him... I STILL can't do it. And I really, really hate the game designers for making you sit through this long cutscene and pointless eye-stab repeatedly. I'm not sure I'm ever going to complete this boss battle, simply because this is ANNOYING.


Rio said...

You don't have to spin or roll. Just run as soon as you finish the strike. That's how I beat it anyways.

Whiner said...

Like I said, my problem is that I can't manage to get him to dispense the glowy golden orb thing needed to trigger the hourglass. Not even once, through my entire health of trying to hit him and dodge his swing.

If I can't knock an orb off him ONCE in all those hearts and several tries, there's just no point to this. I quit.