Sunday, 2 March 2008

more about dragonstone

The house's TV antenna snapped off in a storm and we haven't had it fixed yet, so at the moment I spend extra time playing games even if I'm not that into them.

Dragonstone is superduper shiny, all right. So full of graphics and animations that it has to have loading screens just to get to the world map. :) Oddly enough, there are still holes in the gameplay. Particularly with special items - powder kegs, medusae - that you're supposed to shoot colored balls at. Getting same-color groupings to match up and disappear is no problem. But things like powder kegs that you're supposed to shoot, a good amount of the time shooting won't actually work. You have to carefully hold your mouse over the item and move it around until you find a spot where the targeting cursor will suddenly activate - then fire before it goes away. So you can't just react on instinct - you can't just see a keg and shoot at it. Your ball will hit it, but the special effect WILL NOT ACTIVATE unless you got the targeting cursor to come up. And it's very fiddly, sometimes it comes up and then vanishes again.

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