Wednesday, 26 March 2008

time for a rundown

So, there's an article about games from the 80s. I was around in the 80s, but rather small for some of them. How many of these games will I actually have played?

Raid On Bungeling Bay - Never heard of it.
3D Deathchase - Never heard of it.
M.U.L.E. - Heard of, never played.
Impossible Mission - Heard of, never played.
Scramble - With a name like that, I can't even tell if I've heard of it.
Lode Runner - I'm fairly sure I've played either some version of this or a clone of it. Maybe. Actually, I'm not sure.
Star Raiders - Nope.
The Sentinel - ... If there's going to be a lot of Spectrum on this list, I'm sunk.
Lords Of Midnight - see above
Pinball Construction Set - I have seen that cover art.
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer - I don't think I have *ever* played a soccer game. And I like it that way.
Ballblazer - Nope. Where are the Coleco games?
Thrust - Nope
Out Run - I don't know if I've played it or not, I certainly saw it around the arcades.
Missile Command - Yes. I am sure I have played this coinop. ... I think.
Dragontorc - The WHAT?
Archon - Aware of. Didn't play. I'm not doing so well at this, am I? I blame the fact that I was not in the UK in the 80s, and this author clearly was.
World Class Leaderboard - ... I can't say that I have never played a golf game, but I can say that I have never paid for one.
Zork - Embarassingly, I haven't actually played the original. Certainly familiar with it though.
Star Wars - No.
Exile - I've heard of it.
International Karate+ - No
MS Pac-Man - I think I can fairly say I've played it at SOME point...
Lunar Jetman - Enough with the Spectrum already!
Mega Man 2 - Finally, something on a system I owned! ... But no, didn't play this either.
Ikari Warriors - No
Ant Attack - I have heard storied legends of it. But no.
Koronis Rift - Never heard of it.
Final Fantasy - ... actually, no.
Uridium - The what now?
R-Type - I think I may have played Super R-Type.
Boulder Dash - YES! Finally something I can say with certainty. I had the Boulder Dash Construction Kit. I made levels.
Robotron: 2084 - Nope. Probably why I didn't go gaga over Ultratron.
Rainbow Islands - This review is nuts. I played Bubble Bobble. People I knew were familiar with Bubble Bobble. Rainbow Islands was completely unknown to us.
Metroid - ... No.
Paradroid - Not familiar with it at all.
Contra - Definitely familiar with. Probably never played.
The Legend Of Zelda - Well, of course I played that! What do you take me for? :)
The Hobbit - Yes. And it drove me insane. And I never won. I still have nightmares involving >HIT THE GOBLIN WITH THE SWORD ... Okay, that's a lie.

Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar - No. Never played any Ultima.
Dungeon Master - ... nope.
Maniac Mansion - The NES version, yes.
Prince Of Persia - I think my dad put a pirated version of the very early game on a PC I owned. In CGA. Not knowing much of anything about it, I didn't play more than a few minutes.
Sim City - No.
Defender - Coin-op, at some point.
Donkey Kong - And FINALLY the author mentions the existence of the Colecovision! Yes, I played Donkey Kong.

Tempest - No, but I'm certainly familiar with it.
Super Mario Bros 3 - Played it, bashed it to pieces with a Game Genie. Not literally.
Tetris - Can you actually avoid playing Tetris? I think it's like a virus.
Elite - The what? :)

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