Monday, 12 May 2008


So, um, I haven't been posting much.

That doesn't mean I don't play any games at all.

Actually, the game I've just been playing is, er... a free demo that's quite innocent of a game that isn't. :) See, the basic idea of the game is that you're a cute little anime girl and you're playing a game very similar to Uno with a bunch of other cute anime girls. They all giggle, blush, sigh, whine, and otherwise react to the way the cards are played and it's just.... CUTE!

In the full version of the game, when you win you can choose one of the girls with the lowest scores to see naughty pictures of, but in the demo it just says 'Buy the game to see the CG', so it's not really naughty. Still, this isn't a game you'll want to be looking at if you're opposed to That Sort Of Thing.

There's not really much point to it... there's only so much skill and strategy that can go into playing Uno, and the 'reward' of the full game isn't there. But it makes me giggle. Oh, and the game is in Japanese although enough of it is English that it's pretty obvious what to do - choose the first option on the menu to start the game, click on cards to select and play them.

Obviously the following link should be considered not work safe, but if you want to see, go here - Shoujo Mahou Gakuen - Oshaberi Card Game (Magical Girls' School - "Chatting" Card Game)

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