Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tiny Adventures

I am somewhat baffled to get search engine hits by people looking for a walkthrough. It's a random Facebook toy! How could you have a walkthrough? :)

A random Facebook toy that generates encounters like:

As some pebbles fell onto Queira Thanyu, she looked up just in time to see a boulder falling onto her.

Queira Thanyu made a Strength check with a difficulty of 14 . . . and rolled 8

Unable to get out from under the rock, Queira Thanyu had no choice but to wait. Soon, a hungry delver came by and ate the rock off of her. After that disgusting display, Queira Thanyu will never eat a rock again.


Queira Thanyu entered cylindrical room and the door slammed shut behind her. Queira Thanyu then noticed numbered dials next to the door. Above the dials were the words "What is the value of this room?" As she pondered this existential question, a copper piece hit her on the head. Then another. Then twenty, then fifty. The room quickly began to fill with copper pieces, and she decided she had better do some math, and fast.

Queira Thanyu made an Intelligence check with a difficulty of 15 . . . and rolled 9

Queira Thanyu really wished she had paid more attention in hoarding class. As she began to suffocate under a king's ransom, the force of the money popped the door open. Coughing, Queira Thanyu counted her blessings -- whoever had set that trap was as bad at math as she was.

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Brian Ballsun-Stanton said...

Actually, there is a need for a walkthrough. The trick is the walkthrough is on the *meta* level.

Specifically, Given character choice X, what adventures should be chosen? What equipment best supports that?

It's actually kind of interesting from a number-crunchy way.