Saturday, 26 December 2009

life is continually disappointing

Various free online 'RPGs' continue to try and mimic crap-Evony-ripoff's success at softcore porn advertising. I just saw one that consists of a girl in a leather bikini tied to a tree, bosom heaving. How heroic.

I wouldn't complain if the games actually WERE porn, mind. Truth in advertising, please!

As it is, though, it sends some clear messages about what sort of players they want...


Rio said...

I've seen that! I thought it was another Evony ad and I just passed over it without really looking.

Wouldn't most people who see that be like me and associate it with Evony? I don't even bother looking at the title that's there anymore when I see ads like that. They're all Evony as far as I'm concerned. :\

Art Forums said...

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