Sunday, 13 December 2009

needs more love

You may be able to tell that I'm finally daring to look at the rest of the IGF list...

Emberwind really is as much fun as it looks like, and has demos for both Mac and Windows. Also, despite totally rocking, it's cheap! Check it out! (or heck just buy it. i'm not even an affiliate here, I just think it's COOL.)

There's also an upcoming dating sim (Summer Session style) based on Pride and Prejudice (But not with zombies.). It is NOT yet publicly available, but it looks promising.


(It's not by me, but I'll probably be affiliate-salesing it when it's ready.)


Rhea said...

Is there a link to the game that this screen shot was taken from or a titled. I'm really interested in looking at it again.

Whiner said...

The game's not out, so even if you looked it up, all you'd get is a Coming Soon page that doesn't even have a screenshot on it. I'll post a link when there's something to see.

Rhea said...

Okay, thank you anyway.