Friday, 21 May 2010

kira kirargh

... I hate the protagonist.

It's not like the author can't write male characters that don't make me want to smack them. Both Tonoya and Murakami are very cute in very different ways.

I suppose there's a line of thought that protagonists need to be morons so the reader can feel superior, maybe? He's an idiot, above and beyond his increasingly weird thoughts about women and relationships.

Complaining about girls being smarter than him WHILE being a complete idiot who hates schoolwork and makes less than no effort, complaining that a non-squealing girl is "a waste of a girl, should have been born a guy", when his friend sighs about how he's never had sex with a girl, his response is "Please don't commit rape, with your physique no one will have sympathy for you." The friend in question was not in the slightest suggesting he wanted to rape anyone, the friend is an ACTUAL nice guy (and rather big and muscular). Seriously, THAT'S your thought process? I'm sure it's meant to be a funny joke and it's just not coming across right, but... This guy got off on the wrong foot with me, I know, so I read everything he does now in the worst possible light. But ARGH!

(To be fair, he seems to recognise that stalking is wrong when it's aimed at him... and the girls just think it's funny. Dumb girls.)

edit, a few days later:

Oh look, ANOTHER sex scene for him to spy on. (He does at least feel slightly guilty about it.)

And YET AGAIN, it's all about the woman SAYING NO REPEATEDLY.

Now again, it's really not in a rape way. She's saying no because she's afraid that someone's watching. (And someone is!) But still.

This game gives me the creeps.

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