Wednesday, 12 May 2010

we don't hate girls! we just wish they'd go away.

Look, I have zero interest in playing "My Baby", not unless I can raise My Baby to be a fearless warrior that conquers space/kingdom/neighborhood, or send it out to fend for itself in a world of cruelly amusing puzzles and dangers, or something like that.

It is still the height of rudeness to claim that people who play games I don't personally like are not real gamers.

The games are meant to appeal to girls ages 6 to 11, allowing "gamers" to start with a newborn in My Baby Boy and My Baby Girl, then transitioning them to "experience the joys of parenthood through to the toddler years in My Baby First Steps"


David said...

Shock horrors! Someone is successfully selling games to a completely different market segment from the one that I am contained in! How is this possible?!

Yeah, I don't understand why some people think like that either.

Lexington Alexander said...

The success and reaction to the success is puzzling.