Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Planescape Torment

is now available on GoG. So I guess we have to slightly forgive them for being jerks. Or at least, chastise them while GETTING THE GAME OH COME ON JUST GET THE GAME YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT.

(I have a retail copy, but I may be badgering someone else I know into this.)


Carolina said...

Hey you should get a commission on my purchase! I've never heard of this game so I made an account and got it.
Whats the animosity towards gog? What should I feel guilty about?

Whiner said...

Don't feel too guilty. :)

If you see the earlier blog entries, they did this silly thing pretending their site was closing forever in order to get people to run around the internet screaming "No no don't go! I love that site! They're the best ever!" so that then they could jump out and yell "Surprise! We're not dead. Now buy more stuff!"

It was a dumb publicity stunt and a lot of people's feelings are hurt about it. But it wasn't actively evil, just annoying.