Wednesday, 8 September 2010

silly marketing thoughts

I ponder whether I should make adjustments to the title "Magical Diary" to make it more obvious to the clueless outside what the point of this is. On the one hand, that sounds patronising to those already in the know. On the other, getting the attention of people who weren't already following the game enough to know about it is useful. I would like to be able to get the point into people's minds quickly that "there's this dating sim where you get to be a wizard and cast spells and romance your classmates".


Magical Diary
Wizard Dating

clear but a bit blunt. also you're not only dating wizards, there are witches too!

Magical Diary
~ Love Lives of the Young And Wizardly ~

kinda longwinded that, although some japanese games DO have pretty long sub-titles. also, while I'd like to get the romance aspect across, there IS more to the game than just that.

Hrm, many Japanese games have Engrish subtitles because foreign languages always make you look cooler...

Magical Diary
~├ętudions la magie d'amour~

My French is a bit rusty but that should get the right effect across in both French and English. However, while it lets anyone looking at a page for the game get the idea that there is Spells and Romance here, most casual browsers probably wouldn't be able to remember and repeat it, so it wouldn't quickly spread the idea of "Hey there's a dating sim where you can be a wizard!" which is what I'm aiming for.

Also, French isn't entirely thematically appropriate. Vermont may not be all that far from Quebec but the setting is not french-flavored.

Maybe I should stick with the Young and the Wizardly. It does sound a bit soap opera...

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Lexington Alexander said...

That's tricky. I'm with you on the foreign sub title though. It looks cool, but nobody can say it nor remember it if they want to find it again. One of my favorite animes had an Italian or French name and I still can't find it or remember it when I try to reference it.

I think that Wizard Dating is good? If the name is short, it will save you on design solutions and production time later.