Thursday, 25 November 2010

Magical Diary

Now starting the month of November in-game, which means that Thanksgiving will be approaching, along with the Fall Play.

The Drama Club is only a peripheral mention in this game, as the Horse Hall girls aren't really involved with it, so the play hasn't been mentioned to this point. I'm not sure precisely what they should be staging. Something where magic could be used for special effects and NOT Shakespeare. Alice in Wonderland has potential but I think that's usually done by younger students... Suggestions welcome!

Again, it's only a very minor detail at the moment, but if the series progresses far enough to cover the characters who are in the Drama Club, it will become more important in the future.

Current word count: 45,754


Juxtaposition said...

I've been racking my brains trying to think of a well-known story with magical elements that would be mature enough for a high school play. "Little Shop of Horrors" is the best I can come up with.

One thing you could try is to create a magical version of a well-known story. Maybe in the wizard's version of "The Crucible", the accused witches end up turning the tables on their tormentors instead of being executed. Or perhaps the Drama Club stages a performance of "Our Town" by summoning actual ghosts to play some of the roles.

I think your best option is to make up a play that suits your needs. The story in the play could contain important historical information or clues pertaining toward a mystery subplot. You could also make parallels or contrasts between the characters and themes of the play to the larger story.

Whiner said...

Mostly it's tricky to think of something that fits the rest of the story needs because the play is only going to be barely mentioned in this particular episode - Horse PC doesn't even know about it until the performance, has only a small chance of attending, and even if she does attend we won't see the play onscreen. The play WILL feature for Snake PC and possibly for Butterfly/Falcon as well. Assuming the series continues that far. :) So I need to throw in a reference that can be expanded later.

At the moment I'm thinking they might stage "Medea". There's a lot of room for angst and dramatic lighting there, and it will give Raven (Snake Hall) something to fret about when we do get around to that side of the story, since as a freshman she can't possibly get the lead role.

I like the idea of "Little Shop of Horrors" though! Staging that as a musical for the spring semester, maybe...