Tuesday, 30 November 2010

witch hunt = suck

Well, I was kinda warned, but still. Meh. A very brief quest with no forks, a few cryptic statements from your new party members which never go anywhere, and an equally cryptic conversation with Morrigan that didn't address my actual character's goal at all. I have no idea if the conversation is any better if you're a male romancing her, but I doubt it.

Also, the whole quest was largely revolving around elvishness while never seeming to acknowledge the fact that I was an elf. (Not Dalish, admittedly, but.)

Waste of money.

[The version of my character I took along for this adventure is, of course, a +ritual Alistair-romancing one. But she doesn't want the baby and she doesn't want to kill Morrigan. She just wants to know where Morrigan is and what she's up to, in case she needs to kill her/baby in the future.]

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