Wednesday, 29 June 2011

about combat

As for the combat stuff... enh. I set the difficulty to casual and completely ignored it most of the time. The game is absolutely not set up for me to enjoy thoughtful turn-based combat - attempting to play in a thoughtful way, the game would fight me every step of the way, and it would be a disaster. But I can also enjoy stuff just blowing up with little input from me. So I generally took control of a mage and boomed stuff. Number of fights where I actually had to pay attention, using this method, is probably five or less.

Similarly, the reused dungeons honestly didn't bother me. This isn't a dungeon crawler. That, in some ways, is a good thing... it meant there were fewer levels of ENDLESS TEDIUM. Things tended to move along at a good pace, there were no huge fortresses you had to pick through room after room after room of enemies standing still waiting for you to show up. (At least, I don't remember any.)

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