Friday, 24 June 2011

We've got to go back!

Back to the future!

I hadn't really heard this was going on (or tuned it out worrying it was going to be some moronic license beating) but it actually sounds pretty cool.

Episodic gaming isn't all that new, but it's usually disastrous... it's only recently that a few people seem to be making it work.


Kazriko said...

Telltale is definitely a company that makes it work. They're tight on their schedules, releasing one episode per month. They also sell you the entire 5-6 episode set up-front rather than having you buy it an episode at a time. 5 episodes usually costs $20-30.

If you haven't played them, Tales of Monkey Island and Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse are both worth getting.

AlexC said...

I agree with Kazriko. I don't like episodic gaming, but the Tales of Monkey Island series and the Back to the Future series are both fantastic.

Telltale have a fantastic handle on what makes a good point-and-click adventure game. They've got great dialogue, intricate puzzles, and surprisingly deep characterisation. I loved the original Monkey Island games, but Tales may be better than any of them.

They're somewhat hampered by having to coddle people who're new to the genre. You generally need to go to the options menu immediately and turn off the "hint frequency", otherwise they drop "hints" as subtle as bricks on you when you least want them.

But they're excellent adventure games, highly recommended.