Friday, 27 January 2012

summing up

So yeah, at some point I moved from SoA to ToB. This has the slight side effect that both the mods I was playing with, which were making my characters quite talkative, don't seem to cover the expansion. Which means first that everyone's shut up a lot, and second, that the tiefling who was passionately declaring his love for me before the final battle in the main game is now flirting with my 'sister'.

If I were anyone other than *me*, that might be more annoying. Considering I had her romance mod on last time as well (although we never got very far), I'm just going "... Threesome?"

Now, him being slightly flirty with Aerie makes me want to protest a bit more. On the other hand, I like to think that one of my party's main goals in life is to corrupt Aerie so that her powerful magical skills can be used for bad. (I am evil after all.) I spent the first game carefully managing her and Korgan in the same party (if you're not careful you'll lose one of them) - now that we're into ToB I kicked out Minsc for Sarevok, and Aerie seems to have finally learned to swear (and Korgan's loving the harassment he gets from all three girls).

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