Monday, 9 January 2012

yes but at MY party we had SAPPHO

A thread about a "LOOK! BOOBS!" advertisement for Yet Another Evony Clone led to some musing about what an actual casual game about holding Roman orgies could be like - trying to balance your resources and reputation to throw the biggest parties with the most guests.

What I was specifically thinking of when I mentioned it was an old Xena fanfic called Seven Days In Pompeii. Now, it's been ages since I read it, but as I recall one of the main plotlines (before the inevitable volcano) has to do with the competition among the nobles to arrange the most impressive party for the Festival of Ceres in order to be marked as the Official Celebratory Site for worship services and receive divine favor. (The divine favor, of course, means everyone at the official party gets to have magically enhanced sex with their goddess-chosen partner.)

And Sappho was there. Naturally.

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