Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hanako Games development updates

There's so much going on, and so little that's in a good position to tell you about! (But if nothing else, jump down to the end of this and answer the question.)

Magical Diary

Today's patch (1.0.32) replaces the slightly dull trophy room with custom icons for each achievement. Not a big deal, but it makes recording your progress a bit more fun and colorful.

Long Live The Queen

Still waiting on title screen art before it can go into official beta. No one's at fault here, a bunch of unbelievable life craziness hit all three of the key participants in this project.

On the bright side the long delay got me to look at the way class results / skill increases are displayed, and make them more animated and less dull.

The Royal Trap

So far only one route has been completed... and that's the one featuring Mister Sparkly.

Lots more writing to do. There are at least three more full routes to go, with another still hovering in a 'maybe'.

I've also put a bit more work into game menus, giving them some simple animation and dressing up the load/save screen (haven't done options yet though.)

Summer Visual Novel Writing Contest...

... doesn't actually have any information about it yet, other than to say that yes, I do think I'm going to try running it. Someone is working on a character sprite, and I will get together a rules post for approval probably next week when I'm less overworked.

And then, the question...

If I said I was working on a project called "Black Lily Veil", what would you expect it to be about?

(Just trying to see what associations this title would bring up in people's minds. I'm not actually working on that idea... yet.)


miruki said...

It sounds like the title for a dark story - revolving around a grimreaper or assassin. That's what popped up in my mind when reading the title. ^^

furiouspuppet said...

My first thought was a superhero/supernatural mash up. Black Lily sounds like a cross between a superhero or a rocking supernatural band and the word veil always equals 'barrier between two worlds' kind of thoughts in me.

Purplesnoopy said...

I agree with the assassin idea,or maybe a serial killing vigilante-- but this one hides her face behind a veil of black lace and her darkness behind a mask of propriety. No-one would ever suspect that the demure noblewoman Claudette Namerain is the vicious killer the Black Lily.

Anonymous said...

To me, black lily veil sounded like a story with a royal/gothic setting and a plot that might include a dramatic past, someones death and maybe something a little supernatural..