Sunday, 6 January 2013

even if you didnt pull the plug but just tripped over it

So, Zynga is shutting down bunches more games I've never played but some hooked players care a lot about and Sony is working on a patent to ensure that your game discs will work once and only once and after that you have to buy them again.

People. PLEASE. Buy games from us nice developers who don't believe in DRM and don't let this sort of nonsense take over the industry! Buy games that you can keep!


Kazriko said...

This is not the first patent about this stuff that Sony has made, and so far it's only used any of their patents for one thing... Disc entitlements.

For example, when you buy the disc based version of Playstation Allstars, you get the Vita version for free. They use a patent very much like this one to tie the Vita version to your account from that disc. The game on the disc itself will continue to work on all systems.

There's been about 4-5 times that Sony has gotten a patent for this sort of thing and the internet has gotten their dander up about it, only for nothing whatsoever to happen with it. It's a bit of a perennial scare story at this point.

Kazriko said...
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