Monday, 15 April 2013

sales talk

While it certainly isn't selling badly, The Royal Trap is not selling as fast as Long Live The Queen did on its launch. I wouldn't jump to conclusions about that, since there are all kinds of possible reasons behind that... although I can already predict what some of the pet theories will be.

1. Serendipity - I had the Steam launch for Magical Diary at the same time (on purpose) which probably brought more visitors to the site to try out the new game.
2. Marketing - I pushed LLTQ at more review sites than I did The Royal Trap, and ran more ads. I haven't quite figured out a good short fast pitch for TRT.
3. Wider Appeal - LLTQ has more market crossover because of the crunchy numbers and dark/political elements combined with the cuteness. TRT isn't just a pure visual novel, it's a WALL OF TEXT, and despite my efforts to point out the intrigue and plot rollercoaster aspects, it's probably mostly drawing the otome crowd.

I enjoy writing plot rollercoasters but it does give me trouble figuring out my advertising sometimes when I don't want to give away all the ridiculous stuff that's going to happen, but it's the ridiculous surprises that make a game interesting, if you see the problem...

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Geoffrey Kemble said...

Sorry, randomly browsed onto your blog from your comments over at Rampant Coyote.

I picked up LLTQ because it was mentioned enough that I saw it and it nabbed my curiosity. TRT is intriguing me because, having greatly enjoyed LLTQ, I'm inclined to grab another of your games.

But, as per your pet theory #2, I just hadn't heard about it. I haven't had as much free time this year to go looking for games, so I hadn't yet browsed back to your store site to see a new temptation. (For that matter, I still need to replay LLTQ a lot more, that game is WONDERFUL)

No other insights to offer, just that I hadn't heard of it so thus ignorance. Good luck!