Sunday, 7 April 2013

wow, way to suck, 5th cell

Assuming this is accurate:

And I hate hate HATE the backstory. There’s a backstory now. The games never needed plot before, but apparently Fifth Cell decided what this game REALLY needed was a damsel in distress story to drive the so-called action. Maxwell now has a twin sister who will slowly turn into a rock if he doesn’t collect enough starites. Her only jobs are to narrate the opening (vicious waste of your Jennifer Hale, here) and stand in one place looking sad.

I’m told if you find 60 starites, you unlock Lily as an avatar. In the meantime, I can unlock and play ANY ONE of Maxwell and Lily’s forty brothers!


….Screw you, Fifth Cell.

... I now regret having bought as many of their games as I have. What the hell.

Yes, I do resent paper-thin damsel-in-distress stories. I do not hate all damsel-in-distress stories, particularly if there's an actual STORY. But a game which doesn't need a plot and then slaps "save the girl" on it for no reason, I feel like they're either making some weird assumptions about their players or actively trying to send a message.

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