Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Emptying out my card holder

Just going to pile up and list some of the business cards and sites I've been picking up while doing the convention circuit this year!

Pippenwycks - leather things with eyes and teeth. (Bags, books, dice cups, keychains, whatever.)

KMKdesigns - steampunk/goth/lolita fashion, will do large sizes and custom designs

Alienphant - fashion/accessories with spikes and tentacles. the sweet lolita tentacle print is too cute!

Stylin Online - For the days when you need to feel like a superhero in your bathrobe

alicechan - artist

The League of Proper Villains - Honestly I couldn't tell what these guys were on about. Steampunk. Something. But they insisted I take a card or face dire consequences.

Dr Brassy - Steampunk jewelry that involves eyes. (I have a thing for eyes.)

cryptostore - Art and tights? socks? in interesting patterns but very limited sizes.

Back to Earth Creations - jewelrystuff

Rebecca Yanovskaya - artist of unusual style

Kelly Loftus - many and varied plush octopi

Plus some cards for porny things you probably don't need to hear about, although some of you might be interested in the link to the yaoi comic that I swear I don't even remember visiting the booth of...

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