Friday, 26 September 2014

Leading Ladies

Interested in some different approaches to narrative in video games? Check out this week's Humble Weekly Bundle, which is dedicated to female protagonists (sort of) and features adventure games and stat-sim/VN style games as well.

Why 'sort of'? Well, The Yawhg lets you choose an avatar, so it's not necessarily female or a focused, detailed character, and Valdis Story (may possibly? I've heard conflicting reports) only lets you unlock a playable female character after you've beaten the game once. Details, details... but I try to be clear with you!

This week's bundle is also backing Girls Make Games, so your purchase helps fund scholarships in game development.


cbel936 said...

You're wrong about Valdis Story, I'm afraid. A female character is playable from the very beginning.

Additionally, I thought that the game itself was quite good.

My only real complaints were that the writing needs some editing, and that the game itself is in early access and progressing rather slowly. I can't really blame them for the latter, though... I believe that one of the primary people working on the game went through some major personal stuff. Her dad died, I think.

And besides that, it's still a pretty solid game even in its incomplete state.

Whiner said...

Yeah, I saw people complaining about it elsewhere, that's why I added the note. I haven't had a chance to play it yet!