Monday, 9 June 2008

4e quickstart

So, we've started off a game. Most players thought it was great. My reactions were mixed.

Combat is certainly "more interesting", you have more to choose from and once you manage to get the hang of all the power lists you can generally think of something fun to do in a round. Nobody sucks like baby thieves and mages used to in the olden days. Fighting is very map/miniatures reliant (we use MapTool).

We spent seven hours playing and 95% of that was combat; two encounters.

Part of this was apparently because our players are unusually bright and went straight from fighting things to 'who's behind this?' rather than slaughtering them all and proceeding to the nearest bar. Still, the entire 'role playing' content of our session was a few minutes interrogating our prisoner before a player whined that this was taking all day and couldn't we just plan tactics OOC and get back to the fighting?

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