Sunday, 2 November 2008

fun with gender

A recent event in my Tiny Adventures:

Queira Thanyu noticed a typical prince calling for help from the top of a very tall tower. Seeing no other route to the top, she started climbing up the cobblestone exterior. It was pretty easy going at first, but all that climbing got tiring after a while . . .

Queira Thanyu made a Constitution check with a difficulty of 19 . . . and rolled 20

Queira Thanyu toughed it out and reached the top of the tower. She found the prince there, but he had very dainty feet and hands, and was incapable of climbing back down on his own. Queira Thanyu sighed, hefted the prince over her shoulder, and climbed all the way back down. Good thing there was a big reward for rescuing him!

So - was this written prince/princess and flagged to change against the player's gender, or was someone being subversive? :) I suspect probably the former, but on the other hand, there's no particular reason that they'd need to flip it... it's not like there's Romance going on there for the authors to be squeamish about.

Even in the sort of anime where bishonen princes in towers might sometimes be typical, it's rare that girls get to carry them around. Although I remember a pleased fangirl enjoying a similar encounter in one of the endings of Cute Knight...

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