Thursday, 27 November 2008

WoW Hack, updating

Computer still tests virus-free, but we did find some Very Suspicious DLLs lurking in system32 which a little reading of clearly indicated that they were related to password theft in some form (apparently looking for either wow or final fantasy). Said files have been deleted and removed from startup and have not yet regenerated after a few reboots. Is the system clean now? Dunno. Probably going to get linuxGeek to grep the drive looking for more clues. Argh.

No idea where I got hit from, either. I am constantly installing game demos, but very few shareware companies really want to destroy their reputations by packing viruses. I don't use IE. There was a Flash vulnerability that I may have been subject to, though. Have updated to latest Flash now, hopefully that helps.

Apparently my characters weren't actually deleted, or else they've already been restored, it's just that the account management tool which claims to show all your characters doesn't actually. I don't much feel like playing, though!

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