Wednesday, 26 November 2008

SciFi Wire Whines about Games

Original article here

My take on them:

1. Breast physics? I haven't actually played that many games with them. Half Elf Chick in Neverwinter Nights had a jiggly torso mostly concealed behind her armor, and people got at the code and made everyone jiggle madly in mods, which was terribly amusing. If all official characters had been wobbly jello like that, maybe I would have complained, but as it was, it was funny. I think Ivy's problems start well before the jiggling, really.

2. World War 2. I agree that it's overdone, I also pretty much never PLAY games set in WW2. (I can't think of any, but there may have been one somewhere.) So the repetitiveness of that setting helps me screen out unimaginative games? Enh, I'm not really into war. Husband thought Brothers in Arms was really cool, though.

3. Object Permanence. I agree that this annoys me. Particularly when I started up my very first dance in Princess Debut and my partner's legs immediately clipped into my dress and vanished. Kinky! Sure, it's not always preventable, but given how early in the game this was and how preset all the animations are for this particular title, couldn't someone have designed the dress to work differently?

4. Battle Scripts - Not really applicable to the kind of games I play, I guess? Although if we can add the annoying voices from that skating game...

5. I *never* play FPS. I can't cope with first-person, it makes me ill. I played a little bit of Portal actually because the environments were so confined that I could slowly learn them, but I suspect I would never have made it through to the real ending.

6. Don't have a Wii, not familiar with what's available on it. I can guarantee that there are some naughtier Wii games in Japan...

7. Random Battles - I'd rather see it coming and have the option of engaging or avoiding. See: Mario RPG.

8. Save points are usually a console or port problem. I don't tend to play those. Instead, I have a DS, where I can close the lid at any point!

9. Well, there *are* lower-priced games... you're just not looking for them, my dear.

10. Expensive Downloadable Content - Gotta have value for money. One outfit is not worth buying, a level pack may be. An expansion adding content that was promised in the first game annoys me and I won't pay for it.

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