Wednesday, 8 April 2009

am I missing something here?

Odd quote from a BBC news article:

Four ecstasy pills have been found inside a computer game bought at a High Street store.

Richard Thornhill, 34, found the drugs under the front cover of X-Box game Grand Theft Auto IV, which he bought from Gamestation in Cheltenham.

Mr Thornhill said: "What made me feel the most distraught was the fact we let our 12-year-old play the game."

Now, I suppose what they may have meant here was that "This is a [toy/game/present/thing] we bought for our child, and it turned out to be unsafe because it wasn't checked properly by the store. Our child could have come across these pills." And that would make sense.

But the actual words used are slightly confusing, and give the impression that either the complaint is "They should be more careful when selling things FOR KIDS!" which is silly, since, well, GTA. Or that the complaint has something to do with playing the game itself, which it doesn't.

If playing GTA caused drugs to magically appear, would that make more or less popular?

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