Wednesday, 15 April 2009

... you said WHAT???

Warning. Strong language. Also, head-desking.

Television Judge Greg Mathis and director Matty Rich say they are teaming up to make a game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 called Mathis “Detroit” Street Judge.

Rich directed excellent indie urban drama Straight out of Brooklyn in the early 90s and not-so-excellent video game 187 Ride or Die in 2005, and Mathis settles the disputes of the lost and hopeless on syndicated TV. So the pairing is interesting, to say the least. The duo plan to make a Grand Theft Auto-style action game featuring prison rape.

“The main difference between our game and Grand Theft Auto is that players will have to deal with the justice system and consequences for their actions,” said Mathis. “When you go to prison, you gain credibility when you come back on the streets. On the other hand, when you go to prison you can also be raped. So take your chances. We may see young people who make the wrong choice and go to prison and are assaulted repeatedly (in this game).”


Okay, so a little bit of (as far as I recall) consensual sex played out with a joystick wiggle was OMG SCANDALOUS, there was tons of tsk-tsking, class action suits, etc. But repeatedly raping the player is fine and dandy?

Now, I must also note that there is a chance this whole thing is a hoax. The news came from this post, which quotes another story as source, and that story quotes another story as source, and THAT story shows up as having been deleted. This may be an April Fool's that got loose at the wrong time or something, or just a fake to draw attention to the 'consequences' of going to prison. I don't know, I'm still looking for information.

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