Tuesday, 14 April 2009

idiotic plots

Why don't I enjoy playing Time Hollow when away from my computer/walkthrough?

In the particular segment I reached last night while visiting a friend, I cannot simply go to the place I need to go to, even though it's reasonably apparent that this place is important and even the in-character help (the psychic girl) tells me I need to go there.

Or rather, I can go there, but nothing happens, and I can poke at the screen endlessly wondering what I'm missing and why.

Instead, I have to go to several other locations and be told by another character that I'm in the wrong place. Only after being forcibly told that these places are wrong can I go to the right place and have it actually work.

Can't click on a door to try and open it, have to try and leave by another exit to then NOTICE that the other door is unlocked and open it.


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Neko said...

Somehow I'm reminded of this wonderful IF game (with MST3K commentary). (Online playable version)