Sunday, 17 May 2009

and speaking of...

I'm a bit dismayed by the announcement of 'Science Papa', a game that supposedly resembles Cooking Mama in terms of minigames and coaching, except that cooking is for girls and science is for boys... or, more likely, the difference being "We're blatantly trying to make you think of a popular trademark that we don't have the rights to use!"

How dreadfully tacky.


KP said...

This kind of "to arms, to arms, someone used a gender stereotype" reaction is getting pretty pointless.

With all the asinine political correctness BS floating over the top of very medium... do you really think kids (or anyone else) are going to see this one game and think "oh, huh, I'm a girl, science is not for me" or "ah, I'm a boy, I'd better not cook anything?"

Personally, I think it's a step in a good direction if it gets people interested in any kind of science (even if it is for the sake of profiteering).

Whiner said...

One game? No. But people *do*, in fact, worry like crazy about their gender presentation, especially when they're kids. Because being a kid sucks and everyone around you is quite vicious. :)

I've seen many young men and boys deeply worried that their love of cooking meant people would think they were either gay or extremely unattractive (masculine fail). And I've seen many young girls turned away from science for fear of looking unattractive (feminine fail), or blatantly told not to bother studying it because no one will hire them.

Now, as for 'to arms, to arms', you notice that I voiced more concern about them ripping off the brand. :) I think a science game is great! I just wish they'd called it something else.